Examinations winter term 2016/2017

Scheduled individual time slots on February 15th and 16th.

If you are not on this list, you have not registered on Studiport for this examination (152001011).

Please make sure you come 5 minutes before your session is scheduled.

In case of illness you must inform the office immediately and hand in a doctor's note within 2 days (for the date of your examination).

Good luck to everyone!

Overview of all examination dates as reported to us by the lecturers.

Please remember to register for all examinations on Studiport if you want a grade. 

  • Registration and de-registrations online (Studiport) until 14 days before examination date - except:      ATTENTION: the final date to register for examinations in March is February 12th, 2017, after that the system is closed for registration of examinations.
  • (Remember:  If you fail to appear for the examination or fail to submit your paper on the deadline given without proper explanation, you automatically fail. Examinations that have not been passed can be repeated once, and - in justified cases - a second time with the permission of the examination committee.) In case of illness on day of exam or before handing-in-date of papers, you must give a doctor's note to the examination office (Mrs. Drenkow) immediately valid for the day of exam or for a time period before handing-in-date of paper.

Please make sure you come in time for written examinations (minimum: 20 minutes before start) and bring your student ID (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) als well as an official ID with your name and picture on it.

If you find any mistakes in this list or cannot register for a specific examination or re-examination number, please urgently contact the EUS office.

Good luck for all of your examinations!


·       Register in the STUDIPORT for every examination you want a grade for (beware of deadlines!) – For your own safety: check and print out or save the pdf document showing which examinations you are registered for (this can be used as proof!).

·       If you need to repeat an examination (RE-EXAMINATION) because of illness or if you failed at first attempt, please register for the re-examination in the Studiport in the following semester.

·       Check Studiport and/or EUS homepage for dates and times.

·       If you decide not to take an examination, deregister in time (14 days before the final examination date), otherwise you will automatically receive a fail and it will count as one attempt. For every examination (number) you have a maximum of two attempts (a third must be applied for and explained!)

On the day of the examination:

COME EARLY  - i.e. for written exams you (and every other participant) will have to sign up.

Bring with you:

·       your ‘Immatrikulationsbescheinigung’ (not your semester ticket!) showing your matriculation number

·       some form of picture ID as this may be requested

·       any material your lecturer has allowed or requested for the examination

·       pens (you should not use a pencil)

IF YOU ARE SICK on the day of an examination (written, oral, etc.) or for a longer period (thus endangering deadlines for papers), you must immediately inform Mrs. Karin Drenkow, EUS exams office (Munketoft) by email and bring a doctor's note which covers the examination date (as given in the Studiport or posted on the EUS homepage) to her as soon as possible.

During the written exam:

Please be aware that you will not be allowed to have any mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phones, mp3-players or programmable calculators at your seat but are requested to leave these in your bags and to put your coats, bags etc. to one side of the examination room.

You may utilize only those resources that are noted on the exam task sheet. If you use any printed matter please note that these must be clean i.e. they may not have any handwritten notes or marks in them, otherwise they will be confiscated.

During the exam you may only use the paper given to you. You may use the task sheet for taking notes and may ask for more paper if you need it. Please write your matriculation number on every sheet you use, number the sheets (page 1/X=total number of pages, page 2/X, page3/X etc.) and leave a correction margin on one side. 

You must ask for permission to use the washroom, one after the other. As soon as the first student has handed in his/her exam and has left, as well as during the last 30 minutes of the exam, visiting the washroom is no longer possible. Also, during the last 30 minutes of the exam, to avoid disquiet, handing in and leaving is no longer possible.

In the case of a deception attempt, the written exam will be collected and the student will be asked to leave the premises. This will result in a fail. This is also the case if a student continues to disturb an examination after having been reprimanded.

After the written exam:

Please stop writing immediately when requested to do so and wait to hand in your exams until asked, as each individual exam must be registered.

Please hand in all sheets that were given to you, also empty the ones and this must include the task sheet.