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Common European Framework

The Common European Framework assesses the language learning progress while learning a foreign language. The intention is to make the different European language certificates comparable with each other and to set a standard for measuring the acqusition of language skills.


Placement Tests

Below you can find links to online placement tests. In general these placement tests are designed to give you an idea of your current foreign language level and do not constitute a formal evaluation of your abilities in a foreign language.

Placement test for German

Klett/ Langenscheidt for levels A1 to C1:

Click here for the German placement test offered by Klett/ Langenscheidt: TEST

Placement test for English

Cambridge English

Click here for the English placement test offered by Cambridge English: TEST

Placement test for Spanish

Instituto Cervantes

Click here for the Spanish placement test offered by the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid: TEST

Placement test for French

Cornelsen for levels A1 to B1

Click here for the French placement test offered by Cornelsen: TEST